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You need a PARTNER that delivers measurable results.
You need a PROGRAM that inspires individual success.
You need PEOPLE who are actively engaged in your program.

About Preventure

Your Wellness Partner

With more than 30 years experience managing corporate wellness programs that have improved the lives of more than 10 million participants, Preventure knows what it takes to motivate and activate your workforce.

Preventure frees you to focus on your many other responsibilities while still helping you deliver the cultural and financial benefits of a healthier workplace.

What Do You Think?

After spending six months exercising at a health club I felt better but was not losing weight. Then I signed up for the weight loss option in Lifestyle Coaching. The coach provided insight and education that restructured my workout routine and quickly yielded results.

Preventure Program Participant

Get the Strategy, Approach and Results You Need with Preventure

Reliable Participation

Preventure wellness programs average 70% participation rates.

High Satisfaction

100% of clients rate Preventure's service as Very Good or Excellent.

Measurable Health Improvement

98% of program participants see improvement in at least one key category.


Proven results of more than $6 for each $1 invested.

You can transform the health of your organization.

Just answer a few basic questions and we’ll help kick-start your strategy.
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