Date and time: Tuesday, June 20th 1:00pm EDT

Duration: 45 Mins

Description: Are you having trouble keeping employees engaged in your wellness plan? Does your wellness program start strong but fizzle as time goes on? Do you implement a program and see a short burst in better productivity, only to return to the status quo just a few months later? We can help!

Learn how to improve wellness and productivity at your workplace with this fun, free 45-minute webinar. 4 Ways to Transform your Wellness Program into a Well-being Strategy will get your corporate well-being strategy moving in the right direction, with practical tips that can be implemented at your company today!

What You’ll Learn:

• Measurement tools to assess your well-being strategy performance and ROI
• The 4 necessary components of an effective well-being strategy
• Why employees who participate in a well-being strategy are more productive
•  The difference between “Episodic Engagement” and “Meaningful Engagement” and why it matters


Well-being experts Laura Walmsley and Barry Pailet will show you the ways to transform your wellness plan into a well-being strategy. With a combined total of over 40 years of experience in the field, Laura and Barry have implemented successful well-being strategies at hundreds of companies, impacting thousands of lives.

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Laura Walmsley

Chief Client Officer

Barry Pailet

VP, Partner Products

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4 Ways to Transform your Wellness Program into a Well-being Strategy

6/20/20171:00pm EDT45 minutes