Custom Well-being Solutions Designed For Corporate Businesses

Whether your company is considering employee well-being for the first time or looking to consolidate wellness initiatives with multiple vendors, Preventure tailors a solution for your unique organization. We work with you to determine if you need a complement to an existing strategy, the reintroduction of a comprehensive well-being program, or something totally new.

While other corporate well-being providers focus on compliance, Preventure’s wellness solutions and participant engagement platform promote long-term lifestyle changes. Our wellness solutions can be part of everyone’s health narrative with corporate and personal Challenges, Commitments, and Journeys.

Preventure is your outsourced well-being department, providing Guaranteed Support, portal personalization, ongoing live coaching, extensive reporting, and proof of Return on Well-being.

Engagement Platform

Maxwell is revolutionary engagement platform that serves as a hub for all of your participants’ wellbeing tools and information.

Comprehensive Reporting

A healthier employee means a boost in cognitive function, company engagement, and performance. When compounded by all employees, your total Return on Well-being achieves significant profitability.

Health Assessments & Biometric Screenings

Preventure offers a cohesive, wide-range of solutions to ensure employees have ample opportunities to understand their health and progress towards improvement.

Coaching & Condition Management

Live support guides participants towards better understanding barriers to health improvement. Our coaches help participants hold themselves accountable to accomplishing change.

Program Management

Your Dedicated Engagement Manager will create a corporate wellbeing marketing and communication strategy that’s targeted to your stated program goals. Once the planning is done, Preventure’s team will implement a campaign that will inspire you and your employees.

International Fitness Club Network

Your employees can experience fitness benefits across the country with Preventure’s International Fitness Club Network (IFCN). The IFCN empowers employees and allows them to conveniently participate in well-being initiatives, no matter their location.