A Personalized Well-being Portal Customized to Increase Employee Engagement

Maxwell is our revolutionary performance engagement platform and wellness portal that serves as a centralized location for all of your participants’ well-being tools and information. What’s different? Well, pretty much everything. Our wellness portal includes:

  • Gamification that drives investment and commitment from participants
  • Tools for real change, including our small-habit behavior change model that gets non-participants motivated
  • Full-spectrum of engagement to work for all participants including mastery-level programs in multi-week Journeys, engaging Challenges, and reliable health content
  • Custom, seamless hub to connect your participants with all of their related benefits easily
  • Social tools that create a new kind of commitment – group support, peer-to-peer challenges, and well-being champions as live, cultural support

Maxwell is a highly customized, always available integration hub and personal wellness portal where making healthy a habit is easier than ever before.

It’s Personal

Maxwell creates a unique path for each participant based on his or her most up-to-date information, like health assessments and biometrics. From there, every suggestion Maxwell makes — whether for Commitments, Journeys, or other behavior-change programs — is customized based on this knowledge.

The platform also engages participants through a range of customizable features, such as a homepage where they can upload their own photos and have the ability to “pin” blogs, recipes, and other useful tools. At the corporate level, you can customize Maxwell to match your employee incentive programs or brand standards.

It’s Accessible

Maxwell goes where you go. It’s accessible through your phone, desktop, tablet, laptop, or any other device, and you can connect Maxwell with your fitness tracker so activities are updated in real time.

Maxwell also links you to Preventure’s other well-being solutions and your company’s 401K information, health insurance, HSA, and other data, so all of your well-being resources are always right at your fingertips.

It’s Fun

Maxwell guides participants along the road to wellness with self-paced tools, encouraging daily interaction through reminders and positive reinforcement. The integrated social media platform allows participants to widen their community circle by joining teams, sharing encouragement, and participating in company-wide challenges.

As participants embark on Journeys, take on Challenges, and chart their progress, well0being will take on a whole new level of enjoyment!