Preventure and the International Fitness Club Network (IFCN) are pleased to present Pathways, our new monthly eNewsletter and poster filled with health and fitness tips.

The path to wellness is an integration of a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy life balance. Total health is an emphasis on the whole person. Wellness is more than just focusing on your physical health, exercise and nutrition. Wellness is about traveling a path towards total health that creates balance between the different dimensions of wellness in our lives. Each of the wellness dimensions interrelate with each other in a way that contributes to the overall quality of life.

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April 2016 - What is Occupational Therapy?

March 2016 - Counting Calories:
A Weight Management Staple

February 2016 - Heart Health Awareness

January 2016 - New Year Resolutions that Work

December 2015 - Happy and Healthy for the Holidays

November 2015 - Happy Movember!

October 2015 - Preventative Health For Women

September 2015 - Staying Mentally Sharp and Physically Strong as You Age

August 2015 - Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

July 2015 - Keeping Your Skin Safe in the Summer Sun

June 2015 - Is Your Head Pounding?

May 2015 - The Warning Signs of Mental Illness